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Is Ice Cream that doesn’t melt a real thing!?

A Japanese scientist discovered that strawberry polyphenol can make it difficult for water and oil to separate and makes cream harden up.

If you put this into ice cream it makes it last for HOURS and maintain it’s original shape. Yes, even under lots of heat!

Wall’s brand new Freeze!

The Packaging

THE ISSUE   Ice Cream melts and it gets messy real quick real fast.

STRATEGY   Show that you can take your time and relax whilst eating ice cream when it doesn’t melt.




Walls x Museum of Ice Cream: Cream Dream

This will be the Wall’s inspired pop-up museum.

Each room will be dedicated to one of the products by the brand and the last one will be the room dedicated to their brand new ice cream: Freeze!

Freeze ice cream will last you the  whole time it takes to go through all the rooms!