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                                         when my name is Isabela?

Once upon a time, in the smallest country in Central America known as El Salvador, a girl name Isabela Moran Ferrer was born. Yup! You heard that right. In my home country it's the norm to use two family names (one from each parent); unlike in England where people usually use one.

She moved to the uk where she studied creative advertising.

One of the things she learned at uni is that agencies prefer to hire duos (copywriter and art director teams) rather than a single creative BUT, being a creative person, she knows her brain can think and work according to both roles. After all, she comes from two different people. Being a mix of two is embedded in her code!


My first name is Isabela but that is why I decided to present myself as Moran & Ferrer.

TWO POSTS POSTER wix web.jpg

Some executions I thought of to take this idea further...


Holographic Postcard

This can be sent to agencies I'm interested in

or to creatives I admire.

MAG 2.jpg
MAG 1.jpg

Magazine Spread

This can be put on advertising magazines that agencies and creatives in the industry purchase.

Direct Mail

This box of fake matches can be sent to recruiters and people in advertising agencies.

Not only they can look at them when they have creative block (side a), but they can also see how my thinking process starts (side b) and get a closer insight into my mind.

Some little video ideas to show how I think...

story brain 1.jpg

This is actually

the initial storyboard

for the video

on my landing page!

story brain 2.jpg
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