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INSIGHT  Fans will do anything to get something in exchange (concert tickets, a song, merchandise…).


PLAN      LilDicky’s latest single (featuring a LOT of other artists) is all about the environmental crisis, so our plan is to launch it with a social led campaign/treasure haunt that inspires fans to be more environmental friendly.


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The code 110915 has been selected as it belongs to the date Justin Bieber released his song “Love Yourself” which was written by one of the musicians participating in the next challenge…


Picture 1.png
Picture 2.png

The icon for the hashtag will be the front cover of the soon-to-be-released single in which our musicians are featured.

Picture 3.png

The musicians will sign the objects that were created with recycled materials and they will write numbers along with their signatures.


Put together, the numbers will create another code.


The code 110915 has  been selected as it belongs to the date Shawn Mendes performed at The Victoria Secret Fashion Show along with one of the musicians participating in our next and last step.



One launch video and 6 recipe videos will be posted on the playlist (a total of 7 videos, one each day of the week).

On each recipe video there will be a highlighted number. By the end of the week, if you put the numbers together you get the final code which will also be the date of the single and music video (short film) launch. The single is by artist LilDicky and all the artists that have taken part of the campaign are featured along with more celebrities.


To have a 3-day early access to the song (only the song not the video) what the fans have to do is enter the 18 digit code:  110915 110818 190419 into the early access download link LilDicky will share on his social media platforms..

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