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Problem: The gratitude shown towards Key-Workers is often tone-deaf and does not actually benefit them.


Insight: People like to be honoured and compensated for their hard work and dedication.


Strategy: Create a platform (app) that lets local businesses from towns across the U.K. offer discounts to key-workers.

ID Card – ‘The Key to the Town’

I created an ID card and a in-app

profile that will help key-workers

identify themselves easily to store’s


The front of the card is personalised

with the name of the key-worker’s

respective town.



Several ‘Platform launch’ events will be held in participating towns to get people to know about it.

Pre-launch flyers will be put on participating store windows.

pre-launch store signs.jpg

Signs for platform launch event.

I used Bicester Town in Oxfordshire as an example for the following executions.

launch close up.jpg

At the launch event, Key-Workers will be able to get event only offers and vouchers on top of the permanent ones on the app.

Example: Local optician can give out vouchers to get a free eye test on top of the 20% OFF he will be permanently offering.

I thought of laying an orange carpet (like red carpets) for Key-Workers to walk through town to make them feel like the stars they are.

Signs key-workers will be able to sign will be placed at the beginning and end of the carpet.

launch F.jpg

Flyers to be put on store windows during the launch event and for as long as the store keeps offering the special discount.

store signs.jpg



Thanks to geo-location settings, the app will send a notification when you appear to be close to a shop doing either a special discount for the day or a special event for Key-workers.

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